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"75th Independence Day Celebration"

This Independence Day was unique, for learners, for educators, for parents---everyone. It was held virtually. Gajera International School celebrated the day with learners attending the celebration virtually. But the spirit of freedom remained as high as ever. Learners attended the ceremony in colors representing the national flag and performed the dance on the patriotic songs for the learners.

As a part of co-scholastic activity and as a tribute to the great souls who sacrificed their lives during Indian freedom struggle, The Patriotic Song Competition was organized by Gajera International School for the learners. The learners participated in the competition with lot of zeal and zest. The competition was a platform to showcase and exhibit the slumbering caliber of the learners in singing and music.

The great reverence, respect and pride for the motherland were shown through the patriotic songs sung on the occasion of Independence Day celebration online for the learners. During the contest, the learners had worn attractive attires exhibiting patriotism. To sum up, the contest was full mesmerizing melodies and activity pouring potion of patriotism.

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