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Parent-Educator Meeting is one of the important activity of school. It is a great opportunity for both the educators and parents to work for the betterment of the learner. It is held for valuation of an academic and non- academic performance of the learners.

It helps to know and work for the learner’s performance. Importance of Education in all the aspects of today’s World Also, PEM enables parent and educator to work for the positive modification of the learner’s performance.

It is an effective and useful way to interact with each other for the betterment of the learner’s performance. As face to face communication of Parents and educators plays a vital role in their learners learning process.

Along with the educator if parents are also involved in the activity of the school then a learner can do better and achieve the highest rank in academic and non- academic performance. That is the main reason why PEM is important in school.

The main aim of the PEM was to detailed about MAKERS DAY COMPETITION and to bring maximum enrollment and for the same parents were explained and motivated through PPT to enroll their child’s name to give wings to their imagination. Parents showed positive attitude for the same.

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