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๐Ÿ“š BOOKS ๐Ÿ“š

Books are medium to store information in written form. Books have been a part of our lives since ancient times. Before paper was invented people used to write on stones, shells and fabric; that means even before paper, books were in existence.

Earlier people might have thought about writing only for passing the information and ideas about what they learnt to next generation or to pass family traditions, but may be at some point of time someone might have started to write to amuse, to entertain, to help or simply to keep readers engaged.

There are different genres of books. Such as,

ร˜ Biography & Autobiography

ร˜ Mystery

ร˜ Fiction

ร˜ Novel

ร˜ Classic

ร˜ Mythological

ร˜ History

ร˜ Thriller

ร˜ Self-help

These are only few examples of genres of books. The information or data that particular book contains can be determined by the genre of books.


Why there is so much hype about reading books? Is it so important to read books? Like everyone around us keeps saying that reading book is a good habit. Why is that so?

Books are like best friends. They provide good deal of knowledge, information regarding different topics. Sometimes they make reader see life in different light and can teach lessons that one may never learn otherwise. Most importantly they keep person engaged in good way.

Books have potential to take readers to different places even when one is sitting just at home. It is said that if someone doesn't like to read books it might be because they have never found the book which can make them a reader.


As earlier mentioned, people started writing and storing information even before paper was invented. So it' is safe to say that, those were also kind of books.

According to history different materials have been used for writing books, such as clay, stones, bones, branches of some plants.

Right now also books are available in different formats. Such as paperback, E-books and audiobooks.

At the end, the format of books might have changed, material for book might have changed but the importance of books in our life is never going to change. It will always have a special impact it has in the terms of providing knowledge and understanding the values of life.

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