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Christmas is the time of joy and peace. We can see Laughing faces everywhere, people wishing each other peace, sharing happiness, forgetting all sorrows and dreaming of a new tomorrow, etc. these are all Christmas days for us.

Christmas is the birth anniversary of Jesus, the Son of God, who was born more than two thousand years ago with a ray of hope for all mankind. Who bore all the sins of mankind, and in order to save them from evil, became one of them, born in the manger of a mere stable. Mary and Joseph , the chosen people, accepted God's will, were obedient, and became parents of the Son of God. They did not even get a proper place for their son's birth. Those who were fortunate enough to hear the news of Jesus' birth first and to see Him were mere shepherds. Infant Jesus’s ballad was the hymn of the angels. Thus Christmas is the feast day of the birth of Jesus, who lived as an ordinary man among the common people from his birth to his death.

GIS, Katargam is always ready to hold various festivals for the children. Without deviating from it at all, this year too Christmas was celebrated in a completely different way. A visual presentation was made to make the story of Jesus' birth , for children to understand easier. It covered all the important occasions from annunciation to the visit by kings. It included dance forms representing different events related to Christmas by the learners of different classes . At the time of Jesus' birth, the gates of heaven were opened and the angels rose and sang sweet hymns. During the programme there was also singing of our learners, reminiscent of that occasion. It offered a real experience that lifted the hearts of the listeners to heaven. It provided so much joy that it was absolutely indescribable.

We can’t imagine a Christmas celebration without Santa Claus. Christmas is also a time of anticipation for Santa who comes with gift packages. This time also Santa Claus did not disappoint the children. The children were so happy to see him coming in the reindeer tow truck. He sang and danced with the children merrily. Another highlight of the celebration was the manger which was the replica of Jesus' manger and a decorated Christmas tree. Christmas message was given by the Vice-principal.

This year's Christmas celebration was a completely unforgettable and enjoyable experience for everyone. May our hearts and lives be filled with pure joy and happiness.

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