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Christmas is for joy, for giving and sharing, for laughter, for coming together with family and friends, for tinsel and brightly decorated packages. It is a good time to cheer, love, care, share, and spread warmth around.

The learners of GAJERA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Katargam branch celebrated the festival of peace and love. The school was decorated with bells, star streamers, and a beautiful Christmas tree. All the learners and educators were very excited and full of enthusiasm for the celebration. Little Learners were dressed as Santa that made the environment joyful. The celebration began with prayer. Followed by various programs. One of which was a beautiful play on the theme of Christmas. The attraction of the day was Santa Claus came on cycle that made everyone amaze. The dance performed was breath taking as the learners used skates as their prop. Santa Claus was roaming all over the campus. The learners gave a detailed speech on why we celebrate Christmas.

The delightful celebrations included various activities. Crafts like Christmas bell, Reindeer that added more creativity and fun to the celebration.

With great fervour, the learners celebrated the day. Santa’s bell spread positive vibes and cheers among the students. They sang jingles and danced along to joyful tunes. They were also gifted candies by Santa. All the educators joined the learners with the same enthusiasm, spreading the message of love and joy among all. Christmas and carols go hand in hand. So to give a full feel of the festival learners sang the carols and tapped their feet on peppy Christmas songs.

The celebrations came to end with these engaging activities and learners took along the message of spreading love and peace. It was surely a Christmas to remember.

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