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TELEPHONE is one of the most powerful means of communication. In 1876 the first person to patent the telephone was Alexander Graham Bell. Earlier the telephone was connected with wires to only talk with each other. Nowadays it is wireless , it can be easily carried anywhere. It has become easy to book tickets, exchange information, encourage business, collect any information and soon in this pandemic situation people connected with mobiles more. Elders are busy to work from home. Children have been engaged in online classes as well as in video games on mobile phones. Covid -19 has created problems and obstacles whereas mobile phone has given solutions as well.

To make the little Gajerians know how the equipments or gadgets we use today were invented and how it was modified generation after generation, we at Gajera International School organized Telephone Activity wherein learners of grade 1 to 5 were given different tasks to perform.

Grade I and II - Making String Telephone :- Through this activity children learnt how the sound waves travel. They got the information that sound waves are created when sounds make vibrations in the air. In this activity the voice vibrates in the air inside the cup. Then it is transferred to the bottom of the cup. The bottom of the cup passes the sound waves to the string and so on to the other cup. The learners were very happy with this fun and learn activity.

Grade III and IV - Debate on advantages and disadvantages of telephone :- Debate is an important life skill that helps in building confidence and develops abilities to think critically, conduct research structure arguments and communicate effectively. In this activity learners learnt about advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones. If we use mobiles in right way, then it is useful.If we use them in a wrong way, then it is harmfuland it will be a sheer waste of time.

Grade V- How to sell product on a call (phone):- On 17 th July, GISK celebrated telephone activity for grade 5 students in which learners were given a task to sell a product on a call. Students were so excited and actively participated in this activity.

Activity full of enjoyment and learning was fruitful in creating awareness about invention of telephone. It helped them enhance their speaking skills and also learnt the basics of communication through telephone. They developed various language skills and increased their confidence level while speaking with others.

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