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Animal Sound Competition

Little learners love animals and also love sounds they make.

Playing with them is like their world is complete.

Considering this we had Animal sound competition for our Nursery Gajerian learners. This competition helped them to understand different sounds to help young kids determine how one animal makes a different sound from another. Learners participated very enthusiastically in the competition. They expressed the different animal sound with high pitched and enjoyed dressing up in the same costumes. Thus the competition was truly fruitful.

Model Making Competition

Gajera International School organized a Model Making Competition held on 23rd January 2023. Learners from class participated in the competition. The theme of the competition was ‘Republic Day”.

Participants showcased their different types of unique models. The learners introduce their models in an impeccable manner and impressed the judges with their exemplary explanations. The competition was a tremendous success.

Kite Decoration Competition

Competitions play a major role in motivating learners to perform and make more creative. Learners were so excited when they heard about the Kite decoration Competition because the word Kite brought the feeling of freedom as a bird has. With that feeling maximum learners of Jr.Kg class participated in it and they have shown their skills and uncovered their personal aptitude by decorating wonderful, colorful mind blowing and creative kites which were having different types of messages.

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