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"Nothing beats an exciting hands-on experience to deepen learning. The magic of a field trip isn't just the subject. It's break in routine and adventure that opens up Learner’s minds to new things."

Life in the times of Corona virus means a halt on travel. However a virtual trip to an Aquarium can spark intense learners interest as well as nurture thinking skills. Field Trip is one of the most exciting things for the learners. It helps learners divert from daily life and adds a touch of variety to our lives. A Field Trip can take them to another world that is different from the one we live in daily. Moreover, it gives learners a chance to speak out our minds and unwind and relax.

Trips and tours are important for interactive and new learning, social interaction and exposure .So, to eradicate boredom and enhance knowledge while comfortably sitting at home, Gajera International School organized Virtual Field Trip for our Kinder Gajerians to "An AQUARIUM”.

The exiting Aquarium is an integral unit & aqua part of Dr. Shyamprasad Mukerjee Zoological Garden Being located in the heart of the Surat City, it attracts more & more children from the walled city area of Surat. Our little learners were fascinated to see the different kinds of colourful fish of different shapes and sizes on display there. Educators gave an information about the aquarium’s special features like the glass vision sea world and an underwater sea walk. The aquarium comprises of two sections; sea water section and tropical fish section. The sea water section has turtles, sea horses, yellow frogs, etc. Whereas the tropical section has fishes like angel fish, sword tail fish, red dragon flower horn fish, shark, Giant fish and many more.

Parents were also amazed to see the view of the different species of fish inside the Aquarium was magnificent.

The purpose of conducting the virtual field trip is to help the children to explore about aquatic animals. An aquarium is an aquatic counter part of a zoo, which houses living aquatic animals and plant specimens for public viewing.Learners were also shown a video through which they got to know how the aquatic life is affected because of the growing water pollution. This was an opportune moment for them to compare with the topics they learn in the classroom. The view of the different species of fish inside the Aquarium was magnificent

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