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Diwali is the festival of lights which is celebrated in various regions across India. The name ‘Deepavali’ literally means an ‘array of lights’ which depicts the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and so on. To make the learners understand the importance of Diwali, GISK had a weeklong celebration in school from 26th October to 30th October 2021on virtual platform as well as offline mode. Various competitions were organised in the school to promote sustainability and healthy environment.

Grade I and II learners prepared a beautiful Diwali greeting cards using eco-friendly materials. The learners actively participated in this activity and enhanced their creativity. This activity helped them understand how greeting cards are used to communicate feelings, information, and events.

Diya making activity is a fun way to celebrate Diwali and other religious festivals. In Hinduism, diyas are lamps that are lit during prayer and used to honour deities. Grade III and IV learners made glittering ‘diyas’ using eco-friendly material such as clay, jute, shells etc. The ‘diyas’ that they prepared were completely handmade and environment friendly.

Grade V learners made wall hangings and door hangings using eco-friendly materials. They played a major role by refurbishing their homes and giving a different look using unique styles. Learners had performed these activity and enjoyed a lot.

To celebrate eco-friendly and healthy Diwali GISK organized “Fireless Sweet Making Competition” wherein our learners enthusiastically participated along with their grandparents. It was a Fun and Healthy Competition. The students from classes VI to VIII participated and prepared various healthy and nutritious food without baking or cooking.

The aim of the competition was also to provide a platform for grandparents to showcase their talent and explore new areas of interest. The participants prepared healthy dishes like Choco balls, coconut –barfi, Khajur paak, Pan laddoo, Modak and many more using easy and quick recipes. They served the dishes in an artistic and aesthetic way which was most appealing and the displays were a visual treat to the taste buds. The judges judged on the basis of presentation, cleanliness, knowledge of ingredients and taste of food. This Diwali our learners pledged to celebrate Diwali in eco-friendly manner.

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