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E - Learning

‘Life is always in motion, so you cannot be stuck’

The world got hit by Corona Virus pandemic, which shook the core of entire human environment. We too suffered in one or the other way. As Gajera Trust plays an important role in the education fraternity, and because of its strong instinct and hard work; the negative impact of pandemic did not reach our education process.

We began our E- education in the month of April by sending worksheets and study materials to our learners through various social media platforms of our school. To make this process well organized Gajera Trust introduced the G-Suite education. Through Google Classroom and Google Meet we commenced our academic syllabus with enthusiasm. Constant support of learners and their parents helped us to conduct the work smoothly.

Along with the studies GIS also conducted various co-curricular activities online for the holistic development of our learners. English Recitation Competition was conducted in GIS wherein our learners enjoyed the beauty of expression, thoughts, feeling, rhyme, rhythm and music of words. Our budding orators got the golden opportunity to express themselves in English Elocution Competition. They were more confident and spontaneous in their way of speaking. Research is an impregnable part of learning. GIS conducted a RESEARCH WEEK session, where learners actively participated and impressed the school by their master pieces of research work.

Celebration of festivals in our Indian culture is indeed an integral part. We also celebrated festivals online such as Ganesh Chaturthi in which learners prepared Eco Friendly Ganesha Idols and spread the message of Sustainable Development. Guru Purnima was celebrated with great gusto. An interactive session was held in which our learners expressed their love for their gurus.

Several training and informative online sessions were organized by Gajera Trust for learners and their parents which ensure the connectivity of the trust with other stakeholders. Our learners took part in a programme ‘Gandagi Mukt Mera Gaon’ organized by CBSE in which primary grade learners had a poster making competition and Secondary and Higher Secondary learners had essay writing competition.

As a part of Hindi Diwas celebration, all classes were conducted in Hindi language and Hindi poem recitation competition was also held. We also celebrated Independence Day online in which our learners presented their views and thoughts of love for the nation by making posters and slogan writing. They also shared their videos of small speech and dance celebrating the day.

Teachers Day celebration was a fun and a wonderful experience. The learners not only played the role of their educators for a day but also realized that how teaching is a challenging work. They also posted their educators’ names and their qualities on various social media platforms.

Then there was a grand annual celebration of mega event ‘SUNITA’s MAKERSPACE’ where our educators constantly trained the learners by all their means. For that GIS organized an orientation programme too. After these efforts number of learners registered as Makers and 6 GEMS from GIS won in SMAKERSPACE. We celebrated Gandhi Jayanti in which primary learners participated in a poster making competition in which they portrayed the belongings of Shri Mahatma Gandhi and about Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Activities does not limit itself in only academics there are other areas too, one of such is Cooking. GIS also organized Flameless Cooking Competition in which GIS was mesmerized that how young learners are creative and talented.

Thus, teaching learning process is a continuous two-way process where the role of different stake holders is of utmost importance.

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