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E - Learning: A Stride Towards a New Way of Learning

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

This outbreak of corona pandemic has forced the schools to shut down and the learners to stay at home. GIS had not looked back and come up with the idea of online classes for their learners to proceed with their respective academic year, instead of wasting time due to the delay in reopening of schools.

GIS has been a pioneer in availing online learning for its learners with the help on Google Classroom and Meet apps. The learners have well-adjusted with the online classes and are harvesting the knowledge sitting at home. Moreover, the educators and the learners can interact with each other at any time without the limitations of day or night, for providing study materials, clearing doubts or taking tests; provided the time is convenient to all participants. They get an opportunity to maintain a warm relationship while communicating without fear.

The educators are getting an ample time to equip themselves by sharpening their pedagogical skills required for online teaching. They prepare PPTs, worksheets, online tests modules, study material, pre- recorded videos etc. This makes the teaching- learning process more efficient. Thus, online education is a boon for the trinity- learners, educators and parents.

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