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Educational excursion at Amazon Digital Kendra

Learners of Gajera International School - Katargam visited Amazon's first physical resource centre Amazon Digital Kendra.

Learners were showcased the benefits of e-commerce and how to avail a range of third-party services such as shipping and logistics support, cataloguing assistance, digital marketing services, GST and taxation support to kick start their journey towards being digital entrepreneurs in future.

The subject expert Mr. Sandip Kathiriya emphasized over the History of E-Commerce, Career opportunities in E-Commerce, followed by how to establish an Online store were majorly discussed during the seminar.

During the seminar Mr. Sandip shared with the learners that whether your goal is to launch your own firm, join a venture capital-backed startup, step into a business development role in a large corporate enterprise, contribute to a social enterprise or bring new innovative skills and associations to your family business, Amazon Digital Kendra would deliver essential theoretical, applied, and experiential learning to help them achieve their objectives.

When it comes to today’s business platform, E-commerce is a blazing commodity that is continually and diversely modifying the idea of business operations.

The addition of an ‘E’ to any form of business has given new dimensions to the hinge of the business world and has also significantly impacted the Return on Investment for enterprises.

Being one of the most widely accepted and critical standards for information transposal, the business industry today is seeking professionals with polished proficiency on tactical electronic commerce and capabilities and insight on the application of the

same in dynamic fields of business. Eminent studies suggest that the incorporation of e-commerce is highly essential for redefining the aim of business management education and changing the way of how trade can be carried out.

The session was aligned with UN SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.

The learners were mesmerized with the power of E-commerce with the seeds of Entrepreneurship imbibed in them.

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