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Educators Training Program

Educators training program was organized by Gajera Group of Schools in Katargam Campus on 5th November 2022. The Topic of this session was Inspirational Educators and Inspirational Learners.

The Resource Person of this training session was Ms. ELA KAPADIA . She focused on the practical side of the theories which we had shared with her. The session was started by showing one inspirational video. She Conducted different activities to show how to work in team and how to merge all the subjects in one common platform. All educators were involved in the process of making this training session productive, they took away many ideas to implement during their daily academic classes and to make them more interesting for the learners.

Following topics were explored:

- Qualities of Educators

- Classroom Management

- Examples and Types of Classroom Academic Activities

- Relationship with Learners

- Principles of Teaching-learning

- Difference between Motivation and Inspiration

- Growth Mind-set for Educators

- Behavioral Expectations

The training session was very interactive, interesting, more effective, exciting and engaging the trainees. Not only the session but even the training materials provided were very interesting.

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