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"Elocution and Recitation Competition"

Gajera International School organize virtual Rhymes competition for Nursery and Jr.Kg learners and an elocution competition for the learners .Learners saw an enthusiastic response in virtual online competition and also send the video to the respective class educators. The topics were related to freedom fighter who sacrificed their well-being for the country.

The purpose of organizing the rhymes competition is to help the learners learn about word families such as let, met, pet, wet, and get. Rhyming also teaches children the sound of the language. This awareness leads to reading and writing success. These help

learners to develop auditory skills such as discriminating between sounds and developing the ear for the music of words. Rhymes like these help kids articulate words, modulate voices. Repetition of rhymes and stories is good for the brain, teaching how language works and building memory capabilities. It helps develop inferencing skills, both with encountering new words and in reading comprehension. Because these verses are made up of patterns, they are easy first memorization pieces.

The purpose of organizing the elocution competition for learners is to help improve their communication skills and ultimately become more persuasive when they speak. They can help increase a child's confidence and ensure

that they become more assertive and they are more likely to feel that they can join or even steer conversations. Elocution plays an important role in the formation, articulation and pronunciation of speech . It helps students to exhibit their oratory skills. Elocution competitions help students to develop their self-expression and confidence.

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