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English Elocution Competition

GIS always strives to enhance the communicative skills of its learners. Elocution is one of the most constructive activities that plays a crucial role in building overall confidence, improving articulation skills and enhancing vocabulary competencies of the learners. Online English Elocution Competition was held in GIS for the learners of grade V to XII to commemorate World Day Against Child Labour. The competition was divided into 3 categories: one for classes V and VI, second for classes VII and VIII and third for IX to XII. The participants exhibited perfect nuances and finer points that go into making their speech interesting and captivating. They threw lights on causes and outcomes of child labour in India and the ways to eradicate this growing evil form the society.

The poise, self-confidence and praiseworthy articulation delivered by the young speakers with uncommon sense of conviction, made the event a benchmark for the fellow learners, also providing utmost satisfaction and pride to the educators. It was heart-warming to listen almost all the participants who spoke beautifully and eloquently. The young and gifted orators won the hearts of the judges, who were overwhelmed by their oratory skills and preparation. The participants were judged based on the criterias- voice modulation, content, confidence and language fluency. The confidence, expression and talent of the young ones made the event truly memorable.

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