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Essence of Happy Family

In the human society family is a group of people related either by consanguinity or affinity. The purpose of family is to maintain the well being of its members and Society. Family offers predictability, structure and safety to its members. More ever it is important to understand each other in the family. It gives security to its members. Bonding in the family is must, which comes with love and affection and co-operation with each other.

Recently I observed two families in my society. One is educated and other is less educated In one family husband and wife both are educated. They are Practical and ethical. Their routine is full of creativity and pleasurable. Early morning they both get up at 5 o’clock and start their preparations for daily chores. Wife prepares breakfast and lunch for family and husband helps her out. As it gets ready, husband packs it for both of them. Both are working in a reputed firm. When they both leave for job grandparents take care of two siblings. This way they both support their family morally, ethically and financially. It is because of their mutual understanding, caring and supportive nature.

At the same time in my society, there is another family which is always in the mood of fighting and complaining. Husband and wife both are less educated. Both of them do some odd jobs to run the family. They blame their fortunes. Husband doesn’t help wife in household chores. The entire burden of household works depends upon wife. Husband thinks that his only duty is to earn money for family. Sometimes they go to astrologer for advice. He guides on how to work and what type of religious rituals to be performed for the welfare of the family.

What do we require to live life peacefully?

Should we be dependent on astrologer to lead happy, peaceful and satisfied life?

Are they foreseers of our life?

Actually we are not ready to face challenges in our life. We are afraid of taking extra steps in life. We always look for self pity and cover with self created dogma. That never allows us to step out of our comfort zone. Therefore most of us seek guidance from astrologers. They make us crippled by their preaching. Most of us really don’t know what to do in life. We start throwing tantrums on our own family members for minor issues. We don’t think logically and critically. From above two examples we understand that education is essential to lead happy family and we learn that.....

1. We should be flexible in our life.

2. We should depend upon self instead of any other person.

3. We should take life as a long learning process.

4. We should switch our mentality from narrow mindedness to broadmindedness.

5. We should believe in modern ideas of helping caring and protecting each other in the family.

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