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Father's Day is observed annually to recognize the contribution of fathers and their importance in the lives of their children. The day is especially dedicated to honour and celebrate the role father’s play in society at large. The third Sunday of June is celebrated as Father's Day in most parts of the world.

On 19 June 2021 our learners of grade 1 to 4 celebrated FATHER'S DAY by making Crown for their respective fathers with the guidance of educators also participated enthusiastically in the campaign “DANCE WITH DAD’ organized by Sunita Makers. Learners captured beautiful videos of dancing with their dads’.

Fathers appreciated our little masters’ hard work. Our learners had fun doing this activity, they enjoyed a lot. The children were excited to have their fathers with them during this online session. It was lovely to see the father-child duo sitting together and enjoying the moment of child crowning their fathers. Through this activity our learners have learnt to show their true emotions and compassion towards their guardian angels.

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