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Father’s Day

Day to show special thanks to our super hero , a day to show some extra care love to our fathers.

Gajera Farm School has always put their best efforts to sown seeds of culture discipline respect along with modern way of education. Move ahead by holding hand of Indian culture along with modern culture is the Motto of Gajera Farm education system as we deeply believe in the term “ SEED SOWN TODAY WILL GIVE THE SAME FRUIT TOMORROW”

All members of family plays different but sweet roles in the upbringing of child but only father is a person who plays the bitter role by being strict for his child betterment an so celebrating this special day of fathers we the CBSE team of Gajera Farm School has organized a memorable celebration for fathers of our learners. Efforts to create a new benchmark is our kids life and an opportunity for fathers to show the other side of their role of great love care funny behavior and lots more.

Fathers are like candles. They make daylight out of the darkness.

So with the lamp of lighting ceremony with our principal mam vice principal mam and few of our fathers we had began our celebration that continued with different performance of father and son KBC drama where student level of learning was tested by father along with very emotional song sung by father for his daughter showing deep love for her and a very different memory making performance of father and daughter making photo frame with the fun and enjoyment seemed in different games like ring zing ,basket and ball and evergreen musical chair game ,where once again they enjoyed their childhood.

It was very happy and thankful moment for our team when we were able to keep our promise given to fathers to make a lifetime memorable day and the GLIMPSE OF THE DAY was no mothers were allowed for the celebration and so all the moments were only of father and child.

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