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Mothers are considered birth givers who take care of the family and nurture their children. Similarly, Father is the support system of the family. They are the heroes of the family, a pillar of confidence, and no doubt a shoulder to cry on in the time of need. Fathers are the backbone of the family. They play a big role in the life of children in making life disciplined, giving ethics, and providing guidance at every point possible. Fathers struggle the whole day and make a life for their children, provide all the things that children demand but never show what they do for their children the whole day. This day celebrates male parenting. No doubt as much as mothers are important fathers too is an important part of the family. This day has a lot of significance as everything can't be explained in words.

Learners of Gajera International School Katargam Celebrated Father’s Day on 18th June 2022 Saturday –

Learners conducted “Card making competition “ , “ Frame making competition” and “ Father’s generation tree making competition “ with which learners expressed the importance of Father in their life . They can show their creativity to make their father feel glad They also got to know about their ancestors , so that learners will be able to spend more time with their father to listen many interesting life stories & learn from them .

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