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Fly High – The Kite Flying Celebration

The most awaited festival of the kids on which they wake up early climb on the terrace fly the kites and shouts on a high pitch saying KAYPO CHHE.

Uttarayan - the kite festival is celebrated in a big way in Gujarat. Considering, we at Gajera celebrated Kite Flying celebrated in our campus. The tiny tots shared a fun filled day with their educators and friends.

The school campus was beautifully decorated with colorful kites. It was beautiful sight to see the learners traditionally dressed. A warm breezy morning made the experience even more enjoyable.

Festivity was in the air as the entire Pre-Primary gathered together outside to engage in a kite flying frenzy. Enjoyment and learning went hand in hand as the educators flew kites and explained the little ones the precautions to be taken during kite flying through drama. Beautiful dance performance The learners found it exciting to be in the midst of all these festivities, seeing the kites soar, blanketing the crisp winter sky in colorful specs, they had an exciting kite flying experience. It was a sight to behold little children running around happily and joyfully flying their kites”.

Educators through the celebration passed on the message to fly the kites safely and save the birds using row string.

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