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"Fun Carnival"

The word ‘carnival’ itself brings forth tremendous excitement in the hearts of kids and adults alike. The word spells enjoyment and an occasion of fun with friends and family.

This year Gajera International School organized the Fun Carnival especially for the Pre Admission parents. Parents who took the admission and those who came for inquiry are invited. Thus parents are specially invited to attend the carnival.

The main purpose of this event is to get strong bonding with parents, educators and the learners. A lot of preparations and hard work went into making this carnival a successful event. There are food stalls and game stalls. Educators had planned games stalls and Parent had planned food stall. Educators and Parents displayed at each stall in such an organized manner that they not only got an opportunity to shoulder the responsibility of the stall but also got time to visit other stalls and enjoy the carnival along with their friends.

A large variety of fast food items were served at the various food stalls. The best part of these food stalls was that the prices were kept quite reasonable as compared to the market prices. There was a perpetual rush at the ‘Chaat’ stall, the ‘Panipuris’ stall and the ‘Frankie’ stall. The coco and muffins stall also turned out to be a huge favorite. As the evening progressed, everybody wanted to grab a coco and Muffins.

The school organized this event for involves the efforts of educators and parents to make it a successful one.

There was a lot of hustle and bustle on the carnival day. Parents enjoyed the carnival very much.

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