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"Good Food Makes for a Good Mood"

Fireless cooking not only teaches cooking to learners and parents but also teaches some valuable skills of life. This encourages children's and parents creativity, thinking and problem solving skills. With this they improve their knowledge of basic skills like measuring, counting .

What is a cooking competition?

Cooking competition as means to taste the future of cooking

To support the aims and objectives of the project Gajera International School Pre primary section organized Healthy Fire Less Cooking Competition for parents for Vocational skills and competence. The aim of the competition is to discover new culinary talents from the Gajerians Parents.

Cooking is a perfect occasion to bond with kids. To provide this marvelous opportunity of parent child bonding Parents Master Chef – “Cooking without Fire” competition was held on 18/12/2021 . The event witnessed the enthusiastic maximum participants. Kids with the support of parents made flavorsome cuisines like different kinds of rolls, mock tails, juices, chocolate fudge, pani puri, bhel puri, dahi sev puri, sandwiches, sweets and many more.

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