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“Great Opportunity to open two ways Communication for the Welfare of kid”

PEM -JULY 2022

A Parent-Educator meeting is an opportunity to share the academic progress, observation in the classroom and home, assessments, and their interaction with educators etc.

A Parent-Educator meeting is instrumental in bringing positive growth in the academic excellence of the Learners.

Parents and educators can openly discuss what’s happening at school and home. This could be in the form of a positive talk.

On the home side, there are all the things you know about your child, the help you give them for homework, and their social development. On the school side of the line, there are all the things your child’s educator knows about them, the help they're getting with their school work, and their social development.

The information on both sides can be combined to create a fuller understanding of your child. This is not only of benefit to them but also to you and their teachers.

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