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Greetings from The Gajera International school, Katargam

The COVID-19 and lockdown restrictions has affected the learning cycle Nationwide. The school campus was lifeless without your presence. A big thanks to the educators for all their hard work and dedication during such difficult times. Even without physically meeting you all they have inculcated in you the love for learning through online platform. We want to acknowledge that we always felt your absence in the school campus.

The current circumstances we live in are unknown to all of us and they bring a lot of uncertainties and new challenges with them.

GISK has welcomed the learners of grade-12 for the offline classes with consent form from the parents following the guidelines of covid-19 and SOP.

We have assured all learners that we have taken all precautions for making school re-entry safe and secure with safety precautions. We hope you all are ready and back to track with full enthusiasm and energy. As you continue your offline classes you should have proper planning and zeal to achieve your goal and make the best use of this opportunity.

Finally, we hope that this crisis will be soon resolved in the near future and students will be able finish the year all together with great success.


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