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The festival of Guru Purnima is celebrated on the full moon day in the Hindu month of Ashadha. It is also known as Vyasa Purnima which marks the birthday of Ved Vyasa. This festival is traditionally observed by Hindus, Buddhist and Jains to revere their chosen spiritual teachers, leaders and express their gratitude.

Gajera International School Katargam celebrated an auspicious festival “Guru Purnima” with lots of love and enthusiasm. The festival is dedicated to one's guru, mentor or teacher. This year on 24thJuly we celebrated this festival. Our little learners of Grade 1 and 2 made flower bouquet for their respective Guruji by using marble papers. They were very excited to do this activity on Google Meet platform. Learners showed their love towards their Guruji by this constructive activity.

Learners of Grade 3 to 5 made “KALP VRUKSH” a 3D tree of paper and wrote the names of their favourite gurus on the leaves of tree. Also, they clicked the picture and sent to their respective gurus as a gift on this Special Occasion.

Learners of Grade 6 to 10 performed a drama on “Importance of Guru in one’s life”. The messages conveyed by them was very clear through their performances and also took the oath to follow the steps of their Guru and never disobey them.

Gajera Trust appreciated the educators by valuing their hard work and acknowledged them by giving photo frames highlighting their dedication towards their profession as Guru.

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