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Every year in GIS our honourable Trustee Mr. CHUNIBHAI GAJERA's birthday is celebrated as “STUDENT’S DAY" on 5th July, as he always promotes students as future of our nation and has helped in community learning and development. New Year brings new hope and happiness. Students are the future. These are the people and the minds that are going to take our country forward.

This year to make our Trustee's birthday a memorable one and to inculcate creativity in kids GIS organised a “photo frame and Bouquet Making Activities ” in which our little masters made beautiful “photo frames” and Bouquets using candy sticks on a virtual platform to cherish the beautiful memories. They enjoyed a lot by sticking their photographs on their own frames as we celebrated it as Student’s Day as well. Educators of Gajera International School gave their heartfelt wishes through a video showcasing the importance of best leader to an organisation. Overall it was a creative activity with a lot of fun.

It’s a true saying that creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun. Mostly all learners enthusiastically participated in this activity and with all their efforts made this Students Day and Birthday of Sir a memorable one.

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