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“Guru is the creator Brahma,

Guru is the preserver Vishnu,

Guru is the destroyer Shiva.

Guru is directly the supreme spirit.

I offer my salutations to this Guru”

Guru Purnima is celebrated to honour our educators, who remove the darkness from our minds. We're all very familiar with the celebration of Father's Day and Mother's Day every year. Both these days are very special and are celebrated with the objective of showing our appreciation towards our parents and to thank them for their contribution in our lives. But, are you aware, that there's a special day to express our gratitude towards our educators also?

This day is called as 'Gurupurnima'.

• It is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu calendar month of Ashadh. • It is celebrated every year as an occasion to thank our educators and gurus for all the knowledge we've received from them and to seek their blessings.

One needs a guru (teacher) not only for his academic progress but a guru is of utmost importance for one's spiritual progress also.

Who is a Guru?

Anyone from whom we learn anything is our Guru.

A guru is a guide, the one whose teachings we follow.

The real Guru is the one who moves us from darkness to light by helping us get rid of our weaknesses and faults.

The Guru's grace removes all obstacles and helps one reach right up to his goal.

Gajera International School Celebrated Guru Purnima on Friday. The day started with an interesting story- telling Session to educate the kids about Guru Purnima.

The educators explained the importance of guru in life and how their guru taught them positive importance of technology that learners show throughout Creative group Dance. During the Celebration they do guru puja and honor their Educators. There was the sweet and touching Movement.

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