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Learners at Gajera International School celebrated Mahashivratri on Thursday, 16th February 2023, with a lot of enthusiasm.

A famous Hindu festival celebrated each year in reverence of Lord Shiva, was celebrated with full devotion and sanctity in the Pre-Primary wing of the School. Learners, dressed up as Lord Shiva and his devotees, enacted a small skit based on his life.

The learners including staff members initiated the occasion by offering prayers to Lord Shiva and family. The scenes of marriage of Shiva with Parvati were depicted with the chanting of hymns and cosmic dance to venerate the Lord Shiva. All the learners did aarti and had a lot of fun while having prashad. They danced and enjoyed to the fullest. All of their faces brimmed with joy and love for God. The programmed concluded with the address by the Principal Ms. Neepa Patel, she applauded the staff and leaners for their efforts to make everyone spiritually energized and enlightened.

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