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"Happy Teachers Day"

Teacher’s Day was celebrated with great joy and fervor at Gajera International School. Teachers are the architects of society. They are nation builders. The impact they have on their students cannot be measured in any

terms. Starting from the kindergarten, up till the university level and sometimes even beyond, teachers leave deep impressions upon their pupil’s personalities and lives. The significance of a good teacher can never be undermined. A teacher-student relationship is the most selfless of all relations in which the teacher gives and expects nothing in return. They inspire, guide, mentor, encourage, serve as role models and are akin to parents outside the home. Teachers selflessly share their knowledge and experiences with their students and count their students’ successes as their own, take pride in their accomplishments and always encourage them to be better versions of themselves.

The celebration began with a Prayer by our learners. Parents were called to be a part of this event. They were happy to inculcate values for a day that will remember throughout their lives. They were given a token of love by our school. Principal and Vice Principal thanks all the parents and educators for the great success of the event. It was indeed a great part of the education.

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