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How to build a Healthy self- image

Regardless of how poor our self – image is, we all can improve it and choose the way we want to be. In order to build your self- esteem, do everything and anything that makes you feel good.

Smile:- A smile definitely increases your “face” value. When you smile at someone and he/she smiles back, you automatically feel better.

Compliment People:- Be generous in complimenting others. When you sincerely compliment a person, it makes him feel better. Accept compliment graciously. Never disregard compliment. If you do that, you devalue yourself.

Spread Optimism and Good Cheer:- Be Joyous. Greet people with joy and respond to their greetings with joy and enthusiasm. Likewise, talk with enthusiasm and energy on the telephone.

Dress and Look your best at all times:- The better you look, the better you feel. A good outside appearance enhances the potential and performance of a person while a poor external appearance cripples them.

Volunteer your name first in every communication :- Whenever you meet someone new, announce your name always with pride, joy and enthusiasm.

To build up your self- image, list out your positive qualities:- List out your personality traits which reflect your self-esteem.keep those lists handy. According to a famous author, Zig Ziglar s “Brag on you from time to time to build a healthy self- image”

Keep a record of your past Successes, Victories and Accomplishments:- List them out. Periodically, review this list. This knowledge builds confidence, which builds image, successes, and happiness. Keep adding to this list.

Always stand tall and walk erect and briskly:- This will communicate to the world that you are confident about yourself and know where you are going.

Use affirmative, encouraging language when you talk to yourself and others about yourself:- Everything you say about yourself is sub- consciously being recorded by yourself and more importantly, by your self-image.

Upgrade your skills:- Acquire professional competence. Be amongst the best in your field.

Help others:- Do something for someone else. To boost your self- image significantly, the following conditions must be fulfill.

A You must accept no compensation.

B The person or persons you assist should not be in a position to do anything for you in return.

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