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Idea Sharing Session-Gyanam

A pride of every Gajerian is to shine them self, rise them self beyond their position. Sunita’s MAKER SPACE is a token of love where learners can design, experiment, explore and create. Here once grow its own capabilities with the fellow makers and take a hip of knowledge. Where knowledge leads to innovation, where mind leads to creation. It is a well-equipped place where an individual can acquire knowledge, understanding and skills in arts, craft and culture activities.

Sunita’s Maker Space also organized the 'Gyanam Competition for Educators'. The topic of the competition was Nature Theme and they have to make teaching aids on integration of a topic with art, nature and science.

Idea Sharing session ‘by Gyanam Winners - 2021-22' was held at Farm School wherein Gyanam Winners of Group A Pre Primary shared their innovative and creative ideas on integration of a topic with art , nature, and science which will make the topic interesting and exciting for the learners.

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