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Indian Navy Day

On December 4th, India celebrates Navy Day to honor the contributions and accomplishments of the Indian Navy to the nation. The Indian Navy is one of the strongest in the world. The President of India serves as the Indian Navy's commander-in-chief. It is the marine wing of the Indian Armed Forces. The Maratha emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhosle, who ruled in the 17th century, is known as the "Father of the Indian Navy." The Indian Navy's job is to protect the nation's maritime borders and keep up with India's international relations through port visits, team training exercises, humanitarian missions, and other activities. Additionally, it seeks to enhance conditions in the Indian Ocean Zone.

Gajera International School (Katargam) had organized a seminar on ‘Indian Navy Day’. Ex Air Force Officer and Kargil War Veteran Mr. Haren Gandhi was invited to share his views on the ‘Importance of Indian Navy’. He emphasized on the roles and responsibilities of Indian Armed Forces : The Army, the Navy and the Air Force which are the three wings of the defense forces of India. These three wings together protect the land, the marine and the air borders of India. Further he also shared that , the invocation to Lord Varuna (The Sea God) in the Vedas was adopted by Indian Navy for its emblem, with the Motto: “Sam no Varunah”, meaning: “Be auspicious unto us Oh Varuna”. The inscription of “Satyamev Jayate” below the State Emblem was included in the Indian Navy's Crest.

He shared that the Indian Navy plays a significant role in the function of Indian armed forces. It has contributed a lot in saving Indian borders and sovereignty in all wars India has fought, especially in 1971 Bangladesh liberation war. Indian Navy day helps us to commemorate the contribution of the Indian Navy. Every Indian should respect our armed forces and pay gratitude for their sacrifices. The Indian Navy is progressing at a very high pace and it will be the strongest in the coming few years.

He further shared his life experiences of serving Indian Air Forces for 23 glorious years with his gallantry participation in Kargil war and operation Parakram.

During the interaction, the learners were briefed about various career opportunities in the Navy and were encouraged to join the INS – Indian Naval Services.

Enlightening the learners who want to apply for the various posts under IAF , he shared that the learner should have completed class 10th from a recognized board/institute and certificates from recognized industrial training institutes in their respective specialty. The age of the candidate should be between 18 and 25 years , selection to the Permanent Commission through NDA/NA and CDSE (Graduate) cadets is done through a written examination conducted by UPSC followed by an interview at the Service Selection Board (SSB) – was shared during the session .

All the members in the house were truly motivated and inspired with the session. The session concluded with sloganeering of Jai Hind and Bharat maata ki jai.

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