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International Tolerance Day

International Tolerance Day is celebrated every year on 16 November. Where today many problems like terrorism, apartheid and violence in the whole world remain a big challenge. Because of which the basic human rights of caste, religion, minorities, refugees and migrants are being violated in some countries. All these reasons are a major obstacle in the development of the country. To save humanity in the midst of all these circumstances, International Tolerance Day is celebrated to promote peace and harmony. On this day, people are made aware about the dangers of tolerance by UNESCO.

The purpose of celebrating International Tolerance Day is to create a forum where the topic of cultural diversity, peace and coexistence can be discussed. To educate the people, the leaders of different countries can sit and discuss under one roof. To promote an understanding of peaceful coexistence, cooperation and harmony, rejecting violence, extremism, hatred, bigotry and discrimination. It also encourages Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities between local and international institutions.

Let me tell you that on the initiative of a UNESCO meeting held before the year 1995, the United Nations had announced to celebrate International Day of Tolerance. After this, through a resolution in the year 1996, the United Nations General Assembly invited the member states of the United Nations to celebrate International Tolerance Day. To mark this day, the United Nations launched a new campaign to promote tolerance around the world. Whose name is “TOGETHER”. This global campaign aims to reduce negative perceptions and attitudes towards refugees and migrants, and strengthen social bonds between host countries, communities, refugees and migrants.

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