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“Before you are a leader,
Success is all about growing yourself.
When you become a leader,
Success is all about growing others.”

Keeping up with this thought in mind, the Pre Primary wing, celebrated the Investiture Ceremony.

A wonderful start of the day by the Learners of CBSE who conducted the Investiture Ceremony in “Monsoon Seasons”.

A school assembly is a very essential part of inculcating discipline among students and when it comes to discipline we always get one of our safety service (POLICE TEAM) in our mind and thus to encourage our learners we honorably invited few of our disciplined heroes of our city P.S.I Shree P.M Rathod Sir ,Shri B.K Dalvi Sir ,Head Constable Shri Rakesh Parmar Sir and Constable Shri Mahendra Sir to give batches of different duty leader to our learners and inspire them to inbuilt their different skills hidden under them.

However, bringing the whole school together in one place, at the same time, is equally important. A school is a big team made of students and teachers. An all-school assembly is the only occasion where the whole team can come together and unify.

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