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Kindergarten INVESTITURE CEREMONY, an event filled with joy, pride, and inspiration. Today, we celebrated this ceremony especially to recognize and honour our young leaders as they take up their roles and responsibilities. It's a momentous occasion, as our little ones embark on their journey towards growth, learning, and excellence.

In Gajera International School, Pre-Primary section had organised the INVESTITURE CEREMONY with great fervour. The ceremony commenced with an enthusiastic welcome by our honourable guest Mr. Ganshyam Dan Israni & Ms. Bijal Chaudhari and beloved Principal Ms. Neepa Patel, expressed her delight in witnessing the growth and development of our little toddlers. She emphasized the importance of fostering leadership qualities from an early age

and commended the parents and educators for their invaluable support.The guests were honoured by Principal ma'am with momentous.

To instil a sense of responsibility and teamwork, the school's little leaders were appointed to various positions of responsibility. The event was graced by distinguished guests. The march passed by all the prefects was an amazing event which set the mood for the event. The student council positions included Head Boy, Head Girl, Class Monitors, Discipline Prefects, Sports Captains, Cultural Prefects, and Environmental cadets.

The tiny soldiers escorted the honourable guest on the stage for the Badge Ceremony. Then started the ceremony wherein all the learners were called on the stage and felicitated them by our today's guest, principal ma'am, vice principal ma'am and educators with the badge. All the learners were very excited for the leadership and also showed their preparation according to their category.

These deserving candidates were selected based on their academic performance, behaviour, and overall contribution to the school community.

At last our appointed little leaders had pledged to uphold the values of their roles, be fair and just, and serve as role models for their peers. The educators applauded their achievements, acknowledging the hard work and commitment they had displayed. The program concluded with the National Anthem.

The Pre-Primary Investiture Ceremony was a remarkable event that celebrated the budding leaders of our school. It reinforced the idea that leadership is not bound by age and provided a platform for our little ones to develop confidence, teamwork, and a sense of responsibility.

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