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"it's Summer and time for wandering..."

For kids summer break is the best relaxation time. It is usually a long vacation for them from academics and hence one of the joyful times of a learner’s life where they are just having fun. But the long summer break can be utilized for several things.

Summer vacation offers an opportunity to show off one’s extraordinary abilities. It is the best time for them to learn some new stuff out of the daily schedule.

What do kids enjoy during their summer break? Many of them hang out with their friends, go for a hike, spend time with family, or take part in summer camps arranged specially for kids during the summer season.

Usually, there comes a time when children get bored of the long break. They fulfil all their desires and in the end, find nothing to do which makes them happy or have fun.

Children need proper guidance not only during the academic year but also during the summer vacation. One has to be responsible to keep the kids involved in learning also during the summer holidays.

Childhood is the age to make wonderful memories by playing around with friends.

In the summer break, kids instead of sitting idle at home trying to help in cleaning, arranging things and other stuff at home is a good sign for their development. It will be a physical activity for them as well as a concern for the housemates.

Nothing can be more fun on a hot summer day than hitting the pool and splashing around with friends. So, GAJERA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, KATARGAM (PRE PRIMARY) had organizing pool party for kids. In this way we introduce to learners about summer fruit juice and drinks for their good health.

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