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"It takes a big heart to help shape little minds"

"Watching a child makes it obvious that the development of his mind comes through his movements."

God has given us the senses to enter the house of intellect, so the more our senses are sharp and alert, the more complete our acquisition of knowledge is. World Subject Any knowledge we receive only through our senses. Sense education is useful in three ways, one is to get in the habit of absorbing sensations clearly and subtly, the other is to develop intellectually and the third is to control muscle management.

The place of sensory development is important for the intellectual development of a child. Through intellectual development, the child develops the habit of microscopic observation faster and better, and with-it special control over the muscle. Any action can be easily imitated by each small observation. It also develops the ability to evaluate self-esteem.

"The future years of any child can only be determined by his or her childhood experiences. "

There is no other way to acquire knowledge except the senses. We cannot increase the natural power of the senses, but we can use that power in a more subtle and optimal way. The possibility and convenience of sensory development in childhood is special. Education should be a form of personal and self-learning. All this should be done with the child's self-acceptance in a free environment.

The holistic development of the child is the main objective of Gajera International School. Educators taught various activities to the learners to enables their every sense. And that is why motor skill and gross motor skill activity are done in our kindergarten to make the senses of the learner’s flourish and the muscles of their hands to be easy to write and understand. Through these various activities like colorful clay game, making toys from black clay, road painting, driving on the line, making spheres out of clay, drawing shapes with different objects, sponge play, sticking on the rope are done to give the child knowledge of sense learning while playing. With these various activities all the senses of learners are activated.

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