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"Janmashtami Celebration"

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Whenever the truth is usurped by dishonesty and misconduct, I am born repeatedly to reinstall the truth, honesty and virtue.

Lord Krishna’s birthday, celebrated as Janmashtami, reminds us of his vow to safeguard honesty and virtue against dishonesty. It is a day marked by the birth of hope, a new beginning and a new history. Along with the rest of India, learners of GIS celebrated Janmashtami virtually by recalling the exploits of Lord Krishna as a child. They recounted the trials and travails he went through as a child and how he protected and rescued the ones in need.

"Every moment of life is worth a Celebration. The more you praise and celebrate life, the more there is in life to celebrate."

Even with the school campus closed, Janmashtami was celebrated for the learners of Nursery to Sr. Kg. virtually. The learners enjoyed all the rituals from the birth of Lord Krishna to his favorite notorious act of Matki phod. The learners also dressed up as Krishna and Radha and felt the essence of the festival. Lord Krishna was fond of two things - Basuri and Matki of Makhan and so a competition of Basuri and Matki decoration competition was held for the learners in partnership with their mother. The mother learner partnership showcased their immense creativity with enthusiasm.

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