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नन्द घर आनंद भयो जय कन्हैया लाल की I

Krishna’s birthday, called Janmashtami or Gokulashtami, is one of Hinduism’s most popular holidays and is celebrated throughout the Hindu world. During the festival, the faithful engage in prayer, song, fasting, and feasting to honor Krishna’s birth.

Preschoolers of Gajera International Preprimary celebrated Janmashtami at the campus. Girls came dressed in colourful chaniya cholis and boys in traditional kurtas. The event started with the prayer, which was followed by the dramatization of Lord Krishna’s birth. The entire story was shown to the Learners which is created by Educators.

Dahi Handi is indeed an important element for Janmashtami, we all are well aware of how much lord Krishna loved Dahi and butter. A matki phod event also took place in which the slogans of “Hathi Ghoda Palki, Jai

Kanhaiya Lalki’ filled the air. An aarti was performed by the Principal, Vice-Principal and our little leraners of the school. In the end, our students danced on the tunes of Garba.

Celebrations like these teach our Learners, the rich mythological history of our country as they learn to respect and value all religions.

आ रहा हूँ मै माखन तैयार रखना..!!!!!

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