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Clay is one medium that promotes creativity. It is especially beneficial for preschool learners – it helps promote self-confidence, encourages self-expression, and develops problem-solving skills.

Clay modeling is an activity that is therapeutically beneficial to kids in many ways. One important benefit of clay modeling is the role it plays in early childhood education. Read on to learn how we can use clay craft to enhance our child's learning and creativity.

It works on the fundamental aspects of play-based learning. It is loved by all kids and facilitates important life skills like problem-solving skills, planning, exploring, evaluating, and constructing shapes. Clay Modeling in small groups allows fun, communication, sharing and also improves social skills.

Clay craft is a fun and interesting way to encourage a child’s imagination and creativity. Kids love the vibrant colours and doughy texture of modeling clay or play-dough. Playing with clay also improves the fine motor skills of children, as they use their hands to mold different shapes.

  • Learners can use real tools. Explore and learn authentically.Develop fine motor skills.

Clay molding activity develops motor skills helps with creative problem-solving. Learners of Gajera International School participated in this activity enthusiastically and shown their creative talent. It was an overall fun activity for learners as they did this activity with so much fun.

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