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“Play is our brain's favorite way of learning”.

Toys play a very important role in child's life. Toys not only help children to express their feelings but also helps them feel secure. Playing with toys develop various skills like fine, gross, language and social skills among children.

Playing is the best way kids start learning. Kids love to explore and learn new things at a very early stage in their lives.

These educational toys are immaculately designed in a way that your kids wouldn’t know they are learning because of all the fun it has. The purpose of educational toys is to promote learning through playing.

1.Enhance motor development.

2.Increase IQ and promote. Problem-solving skills.

3.Develop social and emotional intelligence.

4.Better and improved concentration.

Our GIS learners at Katargam Pre Primary Section also made some creative clay toys, which helped them in improving their sensory skills, concentration and creativity.

Let's appreciate the efforts of our little juniors and encourage them to play, grow and create & learn together.

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