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"Learners Creativity"

Odd Day dress competition is an art of wearing an amusing or unusual costume as a part of a theme. Such extracurricular activities help to grow the imagination of child minds.

We, at Gajera International School have a fine share of extracurricular activities with our academic curriculum. Such contests stir the spirit of learners and open up their minds. Odd day competition brings out the creativity and ingenuity of the parents and provides the little ones an opportunity to light the stage on fire with their wonderful attire. They also learn to overcome their shyness and develop a sense of confidence to face an audience.

The Odd day competition for Nursery and was held on 21st November, 2022. Mr. Chirag Trivedi was invited as a judge. He is well known actor, model and choreographer. Learners were judged on the basis of costumes and makeup. He also motivated the learners and educators to do hard work and achieve the goals. The program drew a lot of excitement and laughter among both learners and educators. It was really amazing to see kids dressing up according to various themes.

This competition gave the tiny tots a platform to build their self-confidence.

Each child's social skills are nurtured in their family. Help your child make a scrapbook on individual members of the family. For example, a scrapbook on dad can take your dad-daughter /son duo on a trip down the memory lane. They will learn about her father's childhood - his school, friends, etc. Similarly, a scrapbook on grandparents can be quite a learning experience for your child. Scrapbooking can be very healing and help your child cope with tragic events.

On 28 November 2022, Gajera International School Learners made a Diwali vacation scrap book ,in which the learners showed great creativity and learn many more things about new places.

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