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Learning Ladders

One of the most popular themes for the beginning of a new school year is the all about me theme.

It gives kids a chance to introduce themselves to the educators and the class and to share what makes them special and unique. I just love it!

All About Me activities are a fun way for kids to explore different aspects of themselves: their characteristics such as their hair, skin, eyes, and well as their differences and similarities.

We noticed that many three-year-old want to focus mostly on learning and talking about themselves. We discover their favorite color, their favorite foods, what their pet is, and the things that they love.

Many four-year-old are ready to think a little further So for them, we add their family, their neighborhood, their community and more.

Starting a new school year with an All About Me project is a popular teaching strategy.


• Build Self-Esteem: Use the All About Me activities to have students reflect upon what makes them special. By recognizing characteristics that make them unique, students develop a sense of self-worth.

• Learn about Students: Use the All About Me activities to get to know your students. Discover their strengths, goals, likes, and personal interests. This is a fun way for students to tell you about themselves. Use this information to support learning.

Our little Gajerian done this activity to make a decorative pocket album of all about me.

• Develop Friendships: Use the All About Me activities to help students recognize others in the class that have similar interests. This can become a starting point for fostering relationships among students.

Through this activities our kiddoes introduced their friends name in online class.

• Develop Oral Communication Skills: Use the All About Me activities to have students practice public speaking and active listening. For e:g My Self, My Family, My School to enhance their vocabulary.

We are always interested in learning more about themselves. In an All About Me theme, kids can think about their interests and the things they can do. These all about me preschool activities can help our learners to learn more about their emotions and their body parts.

This is how our Gajera International School encourages their learners to develop their interest through various self developing co-curricular activities.

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