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There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.

-John Green

From childhood to our old age, mental health plays a crucial part in our life. It includes our emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. The state of our mental health also impacts our general health. Generally, our decision-making capability, handling of hardship situations in our life, our actions towards others and our feelings etc. depends on our mental health.

So, it’s necessary to look after our mental health like the way we take care of our physical health.

Some of the activities we can add in our lifestyle to take care of our mental health, such as:

*Value yourself: -We can take care of our mind by treating ourself with respect and kindness. Take out some time for yourself by doing your hobbies. Simply make your "me time".

*Surround yourself with supportive people:- Make outdoor plans with your friends, family members. Having a strong supportive atmosphere surrounding you makes yourself cheerful and boost our mental health positively.

*Learn to cope with stress:- Consider stress is a regular part of one’s life. Whether it is less stress or more stress we must learn coping methods which will lead to a healthy life.

*Be spontaneous:- Sometimes our life can be monotonous. Instead of overcommitting towards our daily routine, we should do something different like plan a trip to a new place, try new dishes, give reward to yourself for all the work we have done till date.

*Avoid addiction of drugs and drinks:- Some of the people having myth concept that alcohol and drugs make their issues solve. While actual fact is that it only intensifies the issue.

*Take help when you needed: -Everyone should remember the most important thing is that treatment is there for every small problem either physically or mentally, and there is no shame in it.

But as we know prevention is better than cure, so we must make regular habits to monitor our mental health with our physical health.

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