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"Live the story you are telling. Believe in it, experience it"

Storytelling is a unique human skill shared amongst people far and wide. It opens up the vivid imaginations that runs wild in learners and it also builds confidence and enhances speaking skills. Stories always give wings to learners imagination and take them to places beyond the boundaries of physical world.

While competitions are the best way to boost the confidence in learners. Keeping this in mind, Gajera International School a storytelling competition was conducted for Grades Jr.Kg and Sr.Kg. Learners narrated stories like ‘The five friends’, ‘Thirsty crow’, ‘The lion and the mouse’, etc. The young vibrant

storytellers came forth with wonderful tales. While some stories provided food for thought, some reinforced moral values and some were humorous. Some of them were dressed up as characters and presented their story with the use of facial expressions and voice modulation. To captivate the audience's attention, the little narrators of Presidium used props like puppets. Each and every story was recited with a moral. The oratory and presentation skills of tiny tots were outstanding.

The stories were adjudged on the basis of expression, confidence, diction and presentation skills of the learner.

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