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“Making a greener choice, is giving something back to the environment.”

On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturti Gajera International School (GIS) along with its students initiated a drive to spread awareness among the general public about the importance of ‘going green’ while celebrating the famous festival Ganesh Chaturthi.

GIS students launched ‘Ganesha Sustainability Project’, wherein students sculpted Lord Ganesh idol made out of eco-friendly materials at the school premises. Through this initiative, GIS took a festival such as Ganesh Chaturthi as a tool to convey solutions to global ecological issues so that students could learn and understand the impact of their actions on the world around them. The school believes this will help the younger generation to become a part of creating a sustainable world.

Learners from grades 6 to 12 participated in the Ganesha Sustainability Project.

Speaking on this noble initiative, Mrs Sonia Budhiraja Principal of Gajera International School, “One of our Core Values is Social Responsibility, which is very acute here in India. We do as much as we can to incorporate in our teaching and learning various customs, festivals and traditions from all over the world. Of course, we focus on our host country culture also and use every opportunity to enrich the educational experience of our learners. Ganesha festival is a very important one for our culture and has been celebrated here for centuries. As times changed, the significance of the festival did not decrease, but what comes along with it now represents a real danger to our environment. So, our School learners endeavoured on the quest to find ways of celebrating this festival in a more sustainable way. In other words, to keep traditions and its importance intact yet find ways to protect our surroundings from additional pollution. That is how the idea of eco-friendly Ganesha was born among our learners and they enthusiastically carried it out.”

Principal also explained that despite the growing awareness, there is still a large segment of people that remains unacquainted with the eco-friendly Ganesha movement. It is necessary to maintain the momentum of spreading awareness among the common masses. People need to be educated about the importance of Green Ganesha movement through various mediums.

“Lets go green with Ganesha,” and preserve our nature by celebrating this festival by giving something back to the environment."

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