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Math is Everywhere!

Early math skills are being used by children throughout their activities, experiences and daily routines, whether at school or at home. For example, becoming familiar with their routines such as brushing their teeth, getting dressed, taking a nap, and learning about going shopping with their parents can all become math learning opportunities when approached a certain way.

Math is Everywhere!

Mathematics plays a major role in a child’s development and helps children makes sense of the world around them. Children between the age of one to five years old are beginning to explore patterns and shapes, compare sizes and count objects. When it comes to preschool children, they use a variety of methods to problem-solve and talk about their findings. Math play is evident in pretend play, block play, literacy play, outdoor play and science play.

Role of the Educators

Educators and parents play an important role in influencing and being a role model for learners by providing opportunities for learners to learn and develop new skills. They need to allow learners to direct their own play and support them by enhancing or extending their play. learners need opportunities to: Discover and create, Use number concepts and skills to explore and develop confidence in their ability to think things through, Solve meaningful problems,

In Gajera International School educators taught maths to the learners with different Play Way method

• Measurement: - This category includes ordering and comparing objects to figure out time, weight, length and graphing.

• Numeracy: - This category includes saying number words, writing numbers, counting, and recognizing a number of objects through the activity.

• Pattern and Shape: - This category includes identifying or creating patterns and shapes using different shapes of the objects.

• Classification: -This category includes grouping or sorting objects by characteristics.

This how our educators make the learner to understand the concept of Math in the early years because it provides vital life skills and it will help learners problem solve, measure and develop their own spatial awareness, and taught them how to use and understand .

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