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Math Mela 2021

“ An equation for me has no meaning unless it expresses a thought of God. ”

-Srinivas Ramanujan

A perfect fusion of teaching and learning is education. Learning is not just cramming up few books to pass an exam rather it is process of instilling new beliefs, habits, information and knowledge. Also the education system aims to develop social and soft skills in the minds of young learners.

With a notion to implement productive methods of teaching and learning, Learners of different grades displayed their skills in the Maths Mela held on Wednesday 22nd December, 2021 in GIS Conference Hall. The Math Mela was held on behalf of the 134th birth anniversary of Srinivas Ramanujan, which was celebrated as the National Mathematics Day. The learners and educators were amazed to see the stalls put by the participants exhibiting the concepts of measurements, Algebra, Geometry and Vedic Maths. All these concepts were explained to the learners and educators through the examples of daily life as we visit the Mela.

The main motto of conducting this Math Mela was to empower the mathematical minds triggering critical thinking and problem-solving techniques using mathematics as a tool, to exhibit their talents, to consolidate their learning, for the enhancement of creativity, to make learners know more about the fields of mathematics, and to share their knowledge with peers.

Learners individually or as of in-group with great enthusiasm, made many different working mathematical models, fun number games, origami works, and a lot more! While also making it as eco-friendly and helpful as possible, learners were asked to bring scrapbooks, old reading books, clothes, and in exchange for which they can get the entry ticket of the Math Mela. With warm welcomes and prize distributions, this had also created hype for the learners to try to make something unique and interesting to secure them at the top places. But in true values, all the work by learners was more than expected.

Last but not least, this Mela had truly inspired learners to engage themselves in a collective endeavor and helped many to convert their abstract ideas in a more concentrated manner, ranging from fun games to practical solving sums, one way or the other; Learners develop knowledge and understanding about the given mathematical topics, which in turn helped them develop their social skills, and mathematical empowerment.

Congratulating the team of all participating learners and children our exemplary Principal, Mrs Sonia Budhiraja mentioned that the Mela displayed the learning of the learners and even in the complete process of the arrangement of the Mela, the teaching and learning process continues. She wished good luck to the learners for their future endeavours.

Happy Learning!!!

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