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Maths Quiz Competition

+ - × % ( { [ & = Life as everything around you is Mathematics and numbers.

  • National Mathematics Day in the honour of well renowned personality Srinivasa Ramanujan was celebrated organizing Maths Quiz Competition for Grade – I to XII learners virtually at GIS, Katargam on 21st December 2020. Total 192 passionate participants who were seeking to measure their mathematical and logical potentiality took part accepting the challenge of Maths.

  • No doubt Maths is a magic. One can learn, unlearn and relearn as our learners are taught to chase any goals being more patient, positive and practical. Further we strongly believe that Practice makes Man Perfect.

  • All the participants put on their extreme efforts to resolve the well puzzled sums and numerical formulas with their academic intelligence as well as logical-reasoning understanding. Through which our learners could acquire analytical, rational thinking, logical and problem solving skills.

  • GIS always pays its best to thrive the potentiality and capability required to face real world in young brains.

  • All the participants enjoyed it being more practical and putting their best inputs.

  • GIS always strives to strengthen and last its learners’ courage, spirit and enthusiasm facing any challenges.


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