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Meditation has been around since the beginning of mankind. This ancient practice calms the mind and body, relieves stress, and boost brain function. Its health benefits are well-documented. In today’s hectic world, students are struggling with the demands of school and personal life. Many times, they end up feeling overwhelmed. Meditation helps reduce depression and anxiety. In the long run, it improves mental focus and brain function. This makes it particularly beneficial for young people.

This discipline strengthens the mind-body connection, promoting healthy behaviors. Students who meditate are able to handle stress better and experience more positive emotions. Meditation helps ease stress by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. At the same time, it decreases activity in the sympathetic nervous system.

Meditation promotes mental and emotional well-being. When you meditate, you focus on the present moment and de-clutter your mind. This causes positive changes in your mindset and lifts your mood.

The benefits of meditation don’t end here. This ancient discipline can improve a student’s life on every level. With regular practice, it leads to:

· Improved memory and concentration

· Increased confidence and self-esteem

· Improved sense of self-worth

· A more positive body image

· Greater creativity

· Feelings of calmness and inner peace

· Higher grades and test scores

· Improved behavioral profile

· Improved inter-student relationships

· Enhanced cognitive function and learning skills

Meditation is relaxation and rejuvenates the body and mind. With this aim in mind, a session was organised on 7 September 2021, for the learners. Dr Ila Thakrar who is associated with Vipassana since 2011 and Urvashi Makwana who is associated with Vipassana since 2004 were invited as guests and they conducted Meditation session with great dedication. The learners participated with full interest, enthusiasm and eagerness.

The session concluded with an interaction in which the queries of the learners were addressed satisfactorily. The session was very refreshing, reviving and relaxing.

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